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Who we are

Educa - Educational Centre is a private enterprise, founded in Jablonec nad Nisou in 1990, dedicated to providing a range of education and training.


Accreditation, certificates, memberships

  • Educa is a Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Accredited Institute, providing accredited courses for teaching professionals and requalification courses.
  • We are ready for ISO 9001 certification.
  • We are a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Czech Association for Adult Education, and the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic
  • We are contracted to the European Commission and the European Parliament to provide translations.


Our experience

  • Educa has twenty-five years' experience in the field of adult education, the design and implementation of a range of courses and projects and translations
  • Over the last twenty years we have trained over five thousand students and dozens of companies
  • Simultaneously we have gained valuable experience and knowledge and have created  functioning systems to implement teaching and monitor quality
  • Great emphasis is placed on selecting quality teaching staff. Courses are monitored regularly to maintain a high level of quality.


Our teaching methods

  • Modern teaching methods with our courses reflecting European concepts for education, teaching and testing
  • A firm emphasis on communication skills. Teaching takes place in smaller groups tailored to the needs and requests of students
  • Active use of role play, suggestopedic teaching elements, European Language Portfolio guidelines, assessment and self-assessment, flexible teaching and approaches of student-centred teaching
  • Audio, video and Internet use; students may also borrow from a selection of foreign language literature free of charge.


Our teaching staff

We work with a team of instructors carefully selected for their linguistic and professional qualifications and experience and their ability to teach enthusiastically and motivate students to make progress in their study. Teaching staff undergo regular teaching training sessions.


International cooperation

Educa participates in a range of international education and language teaching projects and has a number of foreign partners from all over Europe. Both our teaching staff and students take part in international seminars and thus enjoy access to the most up-to-date information in the field of teaching.

Our clients appreciate:

Competitive rates

Prices are calculated free of charge for businesses and individuals on an individual basis, using the hourly rate for the course and the exact number of hours the course entails.


Responsible approach

Where the number of hours set for the course has not been taught, we shall refund the equivalent cost of the missing hours. Conditions for the running of courses are clearly stated on the application form/contract. All courses are taught by our own recommended language teachers.


Expertise and professionalism

We have considerable expertise in our field. Our teaching systems are very well thought through and ensure continuity. The quality of teaching is regularly monitored.



We are a small business, which enables us to be very flexible and negotiate quickly. Where required wed are able to arrange a course swiftly, in as little as three days. Company and/or student requirements regarding course organisation and/or content are implemented promptly.


A fair deal

We endeavour to maintain regular contact with our clients, and do everything possible to meet clients' needs and solve any misunderstandings to their satisfaction and without delay.


Individual approach

Clients' wishes and requirements are dealt with on an individual basis. We take care to enrol students in the most suitable class according to their needs and abilities, based on written tests, structured interviews and the option of attending one or more demonstration classes. Tuition is adapted to the needs and requirements of  the students.


Supplementary language services

Communication with teaching staff, attendance sheets and class registers forwarded to clients, compilation of course and student assessments, certification of course completion.

Emphasis on client satisfaction

We maintain regular contact with clients and receive feedback from them. We depend on our clients' satisfaction.